Ikeda Analog

This is the WORLD’s BEST phone cartridge we have provided.  IKEDA KAI must be used with a tonearm of relatively high mass and a phono preamplifier capable of high gain with low noise. Vintage Audio Exchange is really honor to be your partner in Australia!


Ikeda KaiIkeda i


Ikeda 407 Gold Tone Ikeda 407 Gold Tone a Ikeda 407 Gold Tone arIkeda 407 Gold Limited Edition

Ikeda 407 Gold Limited Edition


  • Type: Dynamic balance
  • Overall length: 388mm
  • Effective length: 307mm
  • Overhang: 12mm
  • Tracking error: +2°~ - 0°35′
  • Stylus force range: 0g ~ 5g (in 0.5g step)
  • Mounting hole diameter: 31mm
  • Arm height adjustment range: 25mm – 60mm
  • Max. arm board thickness: 35mm
  • Cartridge/Headshell balance range: 6g – 38.5g
  • Headshell weight: 17.2g

We are now distributor of Ikeda Sound Labs in Australia